Pumpkin Spice everything! Autumn comes and with it fun traditions, changing leaf colors, different flavored coffee, pumpkin decorations. Going to pumpkin patches, corn mazes, reaping the benefits of delicious food harvested and available at farmer’s markets is also one of the many great things about fall. The weather turns a little crisper, a little cooler, but there’s an excitement in the air.

Everything seems to be going well and then BAM! Time change. We fall back an hour and it seems to throw many of us into chaos. The wrench in the gears. People start sleeping too many hours or not enough; their internal clocks are off. The sun comes up later and sets much earlier. One seems to wake up and it is dark and then leave work and it is still dark. This makes it challenging to stick to our regular exercise schedules. Less light makes the days literally shorter, even though the amount of hours are the same it seems less and less. Many can become depressed or get the “winter blues”.

The holidays are on the horizon as well, which not only seem to take away more time from the already smaller days, but increase stress.

Stress from seeing family and friends, the social obligations we all have, cooking, cleaning, entertaining also seems to make the winter even more challenging and chances of getting ill increase. The excess amounts of sugar that one consumes ie Halloween, Pies and cakes at Thanksgiving, Sugar cookies at Christmas not to mention the treats we all seem to share at work and the holiday parties also stresses out your immune system.

Many of us have great memories of making sugar cookies or baking in general with parents or grandparents and we want to carry those traditions onto our children.

Cookie parties are also a new “fad” where adults get together and decorate cookies together. A cookie exchange also encourages one to bake lots of one type of cookie and share it with other friends.

Sugar is quite detrimental to your health and makes you more lethargic as well. Sugar increases your insulin levels and you feel like you get a shot of energy, but then you crash down. In order to maintain this level you may substitute more sugar so it is an ongoing roller coaster. Sugar is hard on a lot of us because it inflames the body increasing pain.

So what can be done?

Changing your eating habits, allocating more time for sleep and exercise can help combat some of these winter blues that may set in.

As usual diet is a huge piece of overall health as is drinking plenty of water, sleeping, exercising, and structural chiropractic care.

Structural chiropractic care is a great way to keep your spine in proper alignment. Your brain communicates to your body how to properly function. This vital communication pathway is through your nervous system which is housed in your spinal column. Your nervous system is in charge of everything including your immune system1,2,3. It regulates everything in your entire body and so if one is exposed to a cold or a flu your immune system will get a natural “boost” to combat germs. If your nervous system is working properly ie no pressure or inflammation being put on your nerves your brain and body can communicate perfectly and the other systems in your body will as well.

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