One of my favorite meals growing up was macaroni and cheese. It came in a box, had the powdered cheese, sometimes orange, we’d add milk and butter and eat a big bowl. Looking back at that now I cringe at the high carbohydrate count which is pro-inflammatory, but it’s so good what to do?

Animals can help you feel better and offer comfort, but can they also help you heal? From a cat’s purr to a dog’s slobbery lick, to a bees pollen our animals can help heal in ways scientists are just now figuring out2.

A study found that those who had suffered a heart attack and owned a pet lived longer than those who did not1. We’ve always heard the phrase of animal companion and it’s easy to smile when your cat purrs or your dog wags his tail, but there is more to those furry four legged companions.

Breakfast is my favorite meal; eggs, bacon, fresh fruit and waffles. The Belgian style waffles that are cooked to that crispy golden perfection always makes my mouth water. I have great memories wrapped up with this food- sharing a large helping of them with my good friends at a nearby bistro in college. Family road trips and stopping at a restaurant that served up waffles mounds of whipped cream and strawberries- it was like dessert for breakfast!

Therefore when I decided to start eating keto I gave them up until now. Then I started reading different keto recipes and began experimenting. I also have a difficult time eating the fake “sugar” that many keto recipes call for some of the alcohol based sugars or artificial sugars can still cause a spike in blood sugar and therefore this recipe has no sugar in it at all, but it is so buttery and delicious I don’t think it needs any.

The pronunciation of this word is almost as painful as having this condition. Sciatica can be described by those who have suffered with this as a lightning sharp pain shooting from the hip, buttocks or lower back down the leg all the way to the foot. It generally is only on one side, but sometimes the pain will switch back and forth. Sciatica is characterized by pain or numbness traveling past the knee when it stops before the knee it is not sciatica but still indicates nerve pressure.

What happens in Vagus is actually pretty important. Your vagus nerve, which is the tenth cranial nerve (CN X) is involved in many necessary functions to keep you alive. Let’s back up a bit and explain what a cranial nerve actually is. Everyone has twelve pairs of cranial nerves, these are housed, exactly as it sounds in your cranium or your skull. Each of these twelve cranial nerves has a specific function or sometimes many functions. The tenth cranial is no exception to this rule, in fact it is probably the most important one.

It begins or originates in the medulla of the brainstem and exits the cranium via the jugular foramen1.

This is the longest cranial nerve and contains both motor and sensory fibers. Thus it is involved with motion (motor) and touch or feel (sensory)2.