The double crush syndrome which often is related to those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) involves two or more areas of nerve lesions along the peripheral nerve trunk1. What this means is there is pressure or damage in more than one place between the brain and the body, most commonly the hand. The closer the nerve pressure or damage is to the the body the more likely there will be lesions that occur further down as well1. For example if there is a lesion close to the spine (proximal), the rest of the affected nerve will be more prone to injury further down the arm to the elbow or down to the wrist.

It’s that time of year again. Allergy season. It seems that certain days are better than others. The days when it looks like it is snowing due to the large amount of cottonwood make it especially difficult for some. Cut grass from mowing the lawn can also cause one to have an allergy flare up. Not to mention that many animals are also shedding and that dander can make allergies worse as well. With all of these possible allergy triggers it’s no wonder so many seem to suffer from the occasional seasonal allergy attack. The beautiful sun shining outside may make the suffering worth it but what can one do to help combat allergies? There are many medications available but what is a more natural approach that could be used to help those who suffer from allergies?

According to the Sleep Health Foundation 1 in 3 people suffer from at least “mild” insomnia1. To put this into numbers more easily understood National Public Radio (NPR) states that insomnia affects 60 million people every year2. As far as Public Health crises go, this is one of them.

People falling asleep at the wheel due to lack or poor sleep increases chances of collisions. In fact the Mayo clinic went as far as to point out slowed reaction time as a causative factor3. Poor performance at one’s job can also be due to insomnia.

Balance is very important in everyday life. Good balance helps to make sure you walk straight and don’t tip over. Poor balance can lead to an increase of falls and injuries and good balance decreases your risk for falls. What one doesn’t think about is that balance is also a possible indicator of a brain injury.

Those involved in whiplash injuries sustained from a Motor Vehicle Collision, a fall or sports injury usually have balance problems immediately afterwards. The feeling of vertigo or dizziness is a common complaint after such a whiplash collision.

Pumpkin Spice everything! Autumn comes and with it fun traditions, changing leaf colors, different flavored coffee, pumpkin decorations. Going to pumpkin patches, corn mazes, reaping the benefits of delicious food harvested and available at farmer’s markets is also one of the many great things about fall. The weather turns a little crisper, a little cooler, but there’s an excitement in the air.

Everything seems to be going well and then BAM! Time change. We fall back an hour and it seems to throw many of us into chaos. The wrench in the gears. People start sleeping too many hours or not enough; their internal clocks are off. The sun comes up later and sets much earlier. One seems to wake up and it is dark and then leave work and it is still dark. This makes it challenging to stick to our regular exercise schedules. Less light makes the days literally shorter, even though the amount of hours are the same it seems less and less. Many can become depressed or get the “winter blues”.