Vitamin C is an essential vitamin to all of us. We may often hear Vitamin C interchanged with ascorbic acid. It is also a water soluble vitamin which means that it doesn’t have to be taken with food and that if too much is consumed it usually can be easily passed out of the body via urine1.

Many of us consume Vitamin C on a fairly regular basis eating citrus fruits and vegetables. The importance of vitamin C is that it helps to prevent many ailments including scurvy1. Most are familiar with the stories of scurvy, pirates and those sailing on ships who died or suffered from bleeding gums, and other ailments that wouldn’t heal1. It took awhile for people to figure out that eating vitamin C helped to prevent scurvy therefore they began packing out citrus fruits like limes to bring with them on long ship voyages so that people would survive. The reason this is necessary is that humans cannot actually synthesize vitamin C they must eat food that has it in it while other animals can synthesize it themselves1.

Many of us have heard that adage music makes you smarter, but is it actually true? If so how does it do this and what should we be listening to?

One such study in PubMed investigated this concept and concluded that listening to music can influence one’s verbal IQ1. Which then begs the question what does a verbal IQ score actually measure? This is being able to understand verbal commands, understanding the meaning of spoken or written information, recalling and listening to spoken information, paying attention to verbal directions, using verbal reasoning2,3.

Eggs are thought of as a perfect food and are also quite a versatile food as well. An egg can be boiled, steamed, baked, cooked over easy, over hard and of course scrambled.

And much like a scrambled egg a brain can also get scrambled in a whiplash injury.

Any quick jerky movement of the neck and head can cause the brain to get shaken back and forth in the brain causing sometimes severe irreparable damage1,3.

With summertime fast approaching we will all be getting to spend more time outdoors. Living in Washington makes one even more thankful for sunshine. Often times on sunny days parks will be littered with runners, bicyclists, boaters, swimmers even sunbathers. Outdoor activities like golf, tennis and frisbee also tend to go hand in hand with nice sunny weather. However, one of the drawbacks of being out in the sun all day is exposure to UVA and UVB rays that can lead one to getting burned or worse skin cancer8.

What options do we have to enjoy the sun but still stay protected from it?

An alkaline diet has its ups and downs as does a keto diet and giving up sweets can be a challenge. Therefore a more friendly diet version of the typical chocolate mousse dessert is below. The flavor is still there but the sugar isn’t.

Practicing this recipe a few different times has let me perfect it to my tastes. First off I’d like to say I love dark chocolate the darker the better- bittersweet range from 70-90%. Therefore giving up chocolate and switching to unsweetened cacao wasn’t as challenging as one would imagine.
Make sure it is cacao and not cocoa.