Healthy and tasty rarely go hand in hand, but this recipe does a good job of balancing the two together. Although a big long, it helps to remind us all that pumpkin pies come from pumpkins and not cans.

The Crust: 2 and 1/2 Cups Flour - Crust can be made with gluten free flour or a nut flour such as Almost (although pricey) or unbleached flour can be used, all 1:1 ratios.

Easter is fast approaching and with it the beloved tradition of dying easter eggs. Hollowing the easter eggs out and dying them after is one thing, but eating the Easter eggs after they have been dyed may not be the healthiest option.

We all remember growing up and using those common dyes we bought in the baking aisle at the grocery store; Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple.

In continuance on our series of articles pertaining to brain health and concussions we will be learning how getting a concussion can lead to depression. A concussion also known as a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can occur in a few different ways. The first and most obvious one that everyone thinks of is getting physically hit on the head either from an object or someone else and losing consciousness. This doesn’t occur very frequently, according to the CDC Heads Up- losing consciousness occurs only 10% of the time. The other 90% of the time the person doesn’t lose consciousness.

The words concussion and football are almost synonymous with each other in that when one is mentioned often the other is thought about. Playing sports especially contact sports will increase your chances of getting concussions. Most people when they think of concussions imagine a big guy wearing a football helmet or a boxer. Women are not generally pictured with concussions, but their chances of getting one are high. Looking at the differences of a neck of a football player and that of a ballerina the neck widths are vastly different. Which do you think would sustain less of an injury? Which neck would you prefer to have in case of injury? The larger more muscular neck? That seems to be safer and better. The reasoning is that there are more muscles and higher muscular with a football player's neck then a ballerina’s. The muscles help to slow down any type of acceleration and deceleration forces that can cause concussions. Examples of acceleration and deceleration forces are any type of whiplash injury such as those sustained in a motor vehicle collision, fall, blunt force trauma. Therefore one's chances of surviving a whiplash injury or acceleration deceleration greatly improve with more musculature around the neck and shoulders and one's chances of sustaining a concussion decrease.

Texting and Driving is one of those laws that most everyone knows is wrong to do but many continue to do it thinking “it’ll be fine just this once.” As a passenger in a car it is terrifying to see how many people are actually watching the road instead of looking at their phones, unfortunately it is few and far between.

We’ve all seen that person in front of us swerving into other lanes, into the median, onto the shoulder before they right their car again. It is scary to watch! Drunk driving was generally the main cause for this type of behavior but now days it is more than likely texting while driving.