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Scoliosis is when the spine has an abnormal lateral curve. It is typically diagnosed in early adolescence or childhood. For many patients with scoliosis, chiropractic care is helpful. We offer a variety of techniques to treat scoliosis here at Foundation Chiropractic in Auburn, WA.

Causes & Symptoms

There is no exact known cause of scoliosis. However, there are common causes that doctors know of that can help diagnose scoliosis including:

  • Muscular dystrophy, which is a genetic disorder that results in muscle weakness
  • Spinal infections or injuries
  • Birth defects that affect an infant’s bones

People that have a history of scoliosis in their family are more likely to develop it as well. Women are also more prone to developing scoliosis than men. Depending on the degree or severity of scoliosis, symptoms may vary. However, some of the most common symptoms associated with the condition include:

  • A rotated spine
  • Uneven hips
  • One shoulder blade that is higher than the other
  • Back pain
  • Difficulty breathing


Your doctor will perform a physical exam to help diagnose scoliosis. Imaging tests may also be performed to get a closer look at your spine. Imaging tests that your doctor may use to help diagnose scoliosis include an X-ray, MRI, and CT scan.

Chiropractic Treatment for Scoliosis

Chiropractic care for scoliosis is not designed to strengthen the curve but instead designed to prevent the curve from worsening. Chiropractic care also helps the patient’s symptoms to become more manageable, thus improving the patient's quality of life.

Chiropractic care for scoliosis consists of spinal adjustments and flexion-distraction techniques to help stretch out the areas that are thinned within the discs. By performing these techniques, a chiropractor can improve the patients' flexibility and range of motion, resulting in a reduction of pain.

Your chiropractor may also recommend certain exercises to help strengthen the muscles that are supporting your spine.

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If you are interested in scheduling an appointment to see if you are a good candidate for chiropractic treatment for your scoliosis, give us a call at Foundation Chiropractic today. We are located in Auburn WA. Your age, the amount of curvature in your spine, and the type of scoliosis you have will play a role in determining the type of chiropractic treatment you will receive. Call us today at (253) 269-0261 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor.

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