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Whiplash Traumatology

Whiplash: Symptoms and Treatment

Whiplash is a common condition in auto accident injuries, but physical damage can also occur from fast-moving sports or a fall. In all of these cases, whiplash is a condition caused by forces violently whipping the head back and forth. The reason why trauma from whiplash is so painful is because the soft tissue around the neck gets the most impact. In a whiplash injury, the head gets jerked around forward and back and or side to side tearing delicate muscles and soft tissue. The inflammation can stay in the tissue for months if not properly treated which may lead to health complications later in life. If you have been in an auto accident, we at Foundation Chiropractic in Auburn, WA are here to help assess the damage and find the treatment that works for you.


Treating Whiplash with The Help of a Chiropractor

The chiropractic assessment of whiplash starts with a physical examination. The first thing that our team will do is examine the spine and the neck to determine the area of injury. Specific digital x-rays are then usually performed in the areas of injury to get a better idea of what is going on. The American Medical Association gold standard for measuring range of motion is using Dynamic Range of Motion (ROM). In our clinic, Foundation Chiropractic, Dynamic ROM is also performed on the patient to measure their range of motion using digital dual inclinometers and also how their injured muscles are working to accomplish these movements. After these tests are performed and the injury is diagnosed, a patient is offered a personalized treatment plan. A typical whiplash care plan includes:

  • Spinal adjustments. The purpose of these chiropractic adjustments that are performed by hand or with an instrument is to correct vertebral misalignment.
  • Injury treatment massage
  • Possible co-management which we can refer for

Motion and Exercise

Our chiropractor may provide guided exercises to strengthen and to help the body regain its ability to function normally.

Foundation Chiropractic in Auburn WA - On the Guard of Your Spinal Health

If you have had an injury caused by a car accident, a fall, or a sports trauma, and you are still experiencing pain and or discomfort, it is time to see a professional who specializes in whiplash traumatology. At Foundation Chiropractic, our team of chiropractic professionals serves patients in Auburn, WA, and surrounding areas and offers a range of chiropractic services. Do not hesitate to give us a call and schedule your first appointment with one of our specialists today.

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