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Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is one part of the body which is in motion almost every moment of every day. The shoulder is a large joint, which makes it susceptible to injury and pain. When the shoulder is not functioning properly, it can have a huge impact on your mobility and productivity. At Foundation Chiropractic, serving Auburn, WA, we can help you with pain relief options for shoulder pain. Keep reading to learn more. 


What Causes Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain can have many different causes. The shoulder is made up of large muscles, tendons, and joints. When any one part of this system is experiencing inflammation or malfunction, it can cause pain throughout. Let's look at some common causes of shoulder pain:

Rotator Cuff Issues

The rotator cuff is the large joint of the shoulder. This joint is composed of bones and tendons that are called bursa. If the bursa becomes trapped under the bony parts of the joint, they can become inflamed and painful. This is called bursitis.


Arthritis is an inflammatory disorder that can cause pain in any part of the body. When arthritis is present in the shoulder, it may cause inflammation, pain, and lack of mobility.

Can a Chiropractor Help?

Finding drug free pain management options for your shoulder pain is crucial to your long-term health and wellness. A chiropractor will be able to examine your shoulder to pinpoint the cause of your pain. With diagnostic tools and exams, a treatment plan can be developed especially for you.

Spinal adjustments can help to decrease shoulder pain. Chiropractic treatment is an all-natural pain relief option. While traditional medicine often simply treats symptoms with medications, chiropractic treatment attempts to get to the root of the problem so that patients can find pain relief and begin healing.

To learn more about shoulder pain relief options or any of our other services, contact us at Foundation Chiropractic, serving Auburn, WA. Our number is (253) 269-0261. Give us a call today.

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