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Sports Rehabilitation

Chiropractic Care with an Emphasis on Sports for the Entire Family

Is your family active? Is there a ballplayer, jogger, or golfer in the group? Perhaps someone cycles, plays tennis, or swims? At Foundation Chiropractic we are a family chiropractor near you that provides sports injury care in Auburn. Here are some reasons to choose our sports chiropractor when a nagging or chronic sports injury affects your game.


1. Chiropractic Sports Injury Treatment is Natural

We don't use drugs or perform surgery to aid in pain relief and recovery. Natural chiropractic adjustments are at the core of our care, aligning the nervous system so that it can operate at peak performance.

2. We Care for Children to Seniors

From young little leaguers to keeping granddad on the golf course or tennis court, our gentle chiropractic care is safe and effective.

3. Sports Injury Chiropractic Can Target Specific Sports Injuries

Common sports injuries we can help with include arm and shoulder pain, leg pain, joint pain, back pain, concussions, headaches, and more. Adjustments and massage can ease immediate pain and set you on the path to wellness.

4. Our Chiropractic Adjustments Can Help Prevent Future Injuries

When your back and spine are in proper alignment, they are in a better, stronger position to help resist future injuries. Utilizing regular adjustments can help enhance their performance.

5. We Can Help Care for the Whole Person

When you choose our team at Foundation Chiropractic, we become familiar with the overall health of your family. From nutrition and exercise to posture and energy levels, we will help you live a life of wellness.

6. We Have Three Chiropractors to Assist You

Our chiropractors near you include Dr. Skylar Gemmer and Dr. Rustin Schreiner. They and our professional staff are ready to serve you promptly.

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Remember, a sports injury that is ignored or left untreated can often become more severe or even chronic. If you or someone in your family experiences a sports injury, we invite you to see us at Foundation Chiropractic in Auburn, WA. We can determine the extent of your injuries, prescribe a care plan, and set you on the path to healing. From nagging injuries and sprains and strains to sports injuries, our team at Foundation Chiropractic is here to customize a treatment plan for you. Contact us today at 253.269.0261.

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