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Workplace Injury FAQs

Foundation Chiropractic, your local chiropractor in the Auburn region, provides family chiropractic services catering to all age groups from pediatric to seniors. We specialize in managing pain and aiding recovery from auto accident injuries, sports injuries, personal injuries, and workplace injuries. If you've experienced an injury at work, here are some FAQs that may assist you.


How Soon Should I See a Chiropractor After Experiencing a Workplace Injury?

When injured on the job, time is crucial. Seeking chiropractic care promptly can help identify the seriousness of your injury and our chiropractors are able to assist you in directing future care and even opening up a claim.

What Types of Pain Does Foundation Chiropractic Treat?

Our natural chiropractic adjustments can help manage headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain,  lower back pain, stiffness, soreness, carpal tunnel syndrome, and joint pain.

What Types of Treatments Are Offered at Your Office?

Chiropractic adjustments involving the spine are at the core of our services. These techniques help to realign the spinal and neuromuscular system, assisting the body in healing itself. This allows us to help those who have suffered from workplace injuries in a more natural way without resorting to potentially addictive pain medicine.

What are Common Workplace Injuries?

Workplace injuries can result from lifting, slip and falls, poor workplace ergonomics, repeated movements, reaching, car crashes and other causes.

Will My Insurance Cover Chiropractic Treatments?

Generally speaking, most insurance policies cover chiropractic care and massage therapy injury treatment.

Can an Exam Help Me with a Workers' Comp Claim?

Absolutely, especially when treatment is sought quickly after the incident. An evaluation, which generally includes x-rays, can verify your injury and link it to your workplace injury.

How Long Can Chiropractic Treatment for a Workplace Injury Take?

This will depend on various factors, including the severity of the injury, the age and health of the injury victim, and their commitment to care.

Contact Foundation Chiropractic in Auburn, WA

Contact us for your initial evaluation of a personal injury or workplace injury. When you visit our chiropractor in Auburn, WA, we will answer your questions, discuss your injury, and conduct an evaluation and exam. We can then tailor a chiropractic program specific to your injury. If you've been injured at work, seek chiropractic care promptly by calling Foundation Chiropractic in Auburn, WA at 253.269.0261.


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