It’s back to school and with that come backpacks. Often times schools do not allow lockers for students and many are therefore forced to carry their books, binders even lunch in their backpack. There are many stylish backpacks but what’s more important than style is comfort. Comfort for the student who has to wear the backpack.

What to do to help prevent Alzheimer's, dementia and memory loss

One of the things most prevalent in our society is an increased amount of those suffering with memory loss. It is also one of the scariest for those it is affecting as they start to realize they are losing their minds quite literally. The caretakers, often family members and spouses, are under great stress and sometimes even come to physical or verbally abusive harm. The big question is what can one do to go about preventing these debilitating diseases from ever starting?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome also known as CTS affects about 3-6% of Americans[2].
There are many things that cause this syndrome such as keyboarding, machine work, fine needle work, using a mouse, using a phone, etc[1]. The main theme that all of these have in common is that they are related to an overuse injury.

Inflammation occurs quite frequently in everyday life, a sports injury, a twisted ankle, a sunburn, a spider bite. Inflammation is caused by a traumatic injury to the body. This response (inflammation) is triggered when damage to living tissues have occurred1.

How inflammation works is that over a period of time the body does an appropriate amount of healing and the inflammation will generally decrease and go away. However there are certain instances when this does not happen if reinjury continues to occur (such as a repetitive motions) full healing may never occur and the inflammation will continue.

Now that BBQ season is finally here, thank you summer, figuring out different foods to BBQ is always an adventure. There are some foods that are obviously made for BBQs, one such example are ribs, another is steak, but what unique foods can one experiment with on the BBQ?

Fruit is a fun food to experiment with and listed below is a good recipe to try: