Fall has come and one of the great pastimes many partake in with that is football. Often we will gather ‘round our televisions with family and friends all cozied up on couches in warm houses eating snacks and munchies and cheering for the home team.

Some of us make our way to the stadiums in rain, shine, snow, sleet or severe wind chills to cheer our players on.

Football is a culture in our society that many can’t seem to get enough of, from fantasy football leagues, to Sunday parties, college games and even high school, but with all of that watching a game can also be painful.

Coffee is something beloved by most, some call it life blood and need it to stay awake, get awake or they just like the taste. Coffee has been around since before the 15th century when it was said that a goat herder first discovered it when he noticed his goats eating berries that gave them lots of energy and made them stay awake at night, he then noted they had similar effects when he ate them and thus the coffee bean was discovered[1].

Coffee, especially in the Northwest is a way of life and sometimes much needed to get a jump on the darkness in the early mornings, but what kind of effect can it have on your sleeping patterns?

Another possible sleep disturber is alcohol. An article review has found they all mention that there are irregular sleeping patterns when one is drinking alcohol[1,2,3,4]. These articles also go on to mention that alcohol abuse is associated with chronic sleep disturbances, more REM sleep than usual and lower slow-wave sleep which may play a role in alcoholic relapse[1,2,3,4].

How does smoking affect one’s sleeping habits? More people seem to be going to electronic cigarettes and with that smoking indoors is easier and less of a burden on one’s social life. As this increases one’s availability to smoking one may partake more often than not. Sleeping with a vape pen beside you or smoking before bed can seem fine but does it affect your sleep at all?