Eating keto can be challenging especially if you love bread products. One of the first things you tend to notice about bread is that it is really not about the bread but the butter. Bread is really just a butter delivery system, sure you may put jam on that toasted bread but really the butter is key. Garlic bread is a little bit about the garlic and alot about the butter on that toasted loaf.

Biscuits are a fun and easy addition to many meals, they can make an appearance at both breakfast and dinner being quite versatile.

A favorite recipe we have been using is a Keto Biscuits recipe. We have used it for regular biscuits.

Part F is for Fish:

Fishing is considered a fun hobby or pastime and even just sitting on a boat for most of a day even if you don’t catch anything can be relaxing. There’s something relaxing about water and being next to it makes one feel better.

This may be why eating fish is helpful in reducing stress. A study by Ohio State showed that higher levels of Omega 3 - Fatty Acids actually help to reduce anxiety and even inflammation (1). One of the easiest places to find healthy Omega 3 Rich Fatty Acids is in Fish specifically Wild Caught Salmon and other fatty fish (1). As it is hard to eat fish on a daily basis another option is a good cold pressed refrigerated Omega 3 Fish Oil supplementation (1). Another article’s data suggests that increases in Omega 3 can reduce inflammation in overweight, sedentary middle-aged and older adults as well (3).

Part C is for Chocolate:

Different foods have been used over the years by many to help with healing and improving one’s stress levels. What are some foods that you can partake in if you want to help decrease stress?

Magnesium is an important mineral in the human body and has many important functions and uses including development of bones, DNA, RNA as well as helping calcium and potassium ions across cell membranes (15). This is extremely important as it allows for nerve conduction, muscle contraction and normal heart rhythm (15, 3). Magnesium amounts are regulated by the kidneys so if too much is eaten it is easily excreted (15, 2).

Is it really all that important? These days it seems there are all these much fancier vitamins; Elderberry, CoQ10 to name a few but could Vitamin C actually be more important?

Vitamin C seems to be lost in the shuffle of vitamins. We have Elderberry and CoQ10, different kinds of fish oil and Calcium Magnesium. And all of these are helpful, many of us don’t know what they do exactly, but Vitamin C is still extremely important to have in your vitamin repertoire. Humans, unlike most animals, are unable to synthesize Vitamin C endogenously, so it is an essential dietary component (1,2).