We believe you should have a chance to discover if Foundation Chiropractic is right for you, and we believe that you should be able to make this discovery without any high pressure. Our consultation is a conversation about you and your health.

During the first part of this conversation, you will get the opportunity to tell us about what brought you in. In the second part we will provide you with as much understanding as we can relative to your health challenges. And finally, during the third part of the consultation, we will have an opportunity to tell you what we do and what sets us apart from the large community of conventional chiropractors in the area.

Our Complimentary Consultation is not a commitment, not at all. Many chiropractors have you in their examination room before they have had a chance to get to know you or if you are even in the right place. That just doesn’t seem right to us. After all, most people don’t buy a truck, and then read the brochure. It’s usually the other way around. The consultation usually takes more or less, about twenty minutes, after which you may choose to have an examination. There is never any obligation. We just want you to know that exam blocks are always available as soon as possible following a consultation. Please be so kind as to let us know that you’re coming by calling our office.